Cobratrak Plus Thatcham Cat 6 Review

6 February 2016  |  Admin

The Cobratrak Plus has now been renamed the Vodafone Cobratrak Plus this is due to Vodafone buying out Cobra over a year ago now. While its confusing for some it's still the same product as it always has been. Cobra is used by many vehicle manufactures as standard equipment which gives you complete piece of mind if you would like a Cobra Tracker fitted. The tracker itself is very reliable and really does offer the best protection possible unlike many other trackers on the market that can be jammed in seconds.

The CobraTrak plus offers superior protection against that with its advanced GPS & GSM anti jamming technology and it will also alert head office in the event of a jamming attempt. Cobra offer the largest tracking coverage than any other with tracking centres across 36 European countries plus Russia and South Africa, this gives you the best chance of recovering your vehicle over any other tracking device.

Unlike cheaper trackers on the market the CobraTrak Plus has an on board tri roaming sim card. This means it switches networks to find the best / strongest signal at all times. And with an affordable subscription charge of only £138 per year it's very affordable. The device also comes with a full 3 year warranty for complete piece of mind when having a CobraTrak Plus fitted. This suits may vehicles that require a Thatcham Cat 6 tracker, cat 6 is normally installed on vehicles up to the value of £90.000. If you require more protection or your vehicle is over £90K you may require a Thatcham Cat 5 stolen vehicle trackiing product.