Ford Escort MK6 Toad AI606 Fitting

7 November 2018  |  Admin

We fitted a Toad AI606 Thatcham Cat 1 to this excellent example Ford Escort MK6. The owner wanted an alarm that would be approved by his insurance and also an alarm and immobiliser that would be suitable to this era of vehicle. We advised the customer on the Toad AI606 Thatcham Cat 1 when these vehicles were released many years ago the number 1 alarm people were having installed was the Toad AI606. Many customers will remember these systems being fitted to many cars in the late 90's.

This Thatcham Approved Toad AI606 T2 gives extreme protection unlike any other alarm on the market. This system protects doors, boot and bonnet and the vehicles interior is protected via ultrasonic sensors. This system features the new style small battery back up siren which is very loud @ 118db. Once sounding even if the wires are cut or the alarm is attacked the siren will keep sounding.

The AI606 T2 also comes with the new style black remote controls which are made very well and built to last many years. The system also features an emergency override meaning even if the Toad remote control batteries are flat or lost, the vehicle can still be started via an emergency code which is a 4 digit number entered via the vehicles ignition.

If you would like a Toad alarm system installed by a Toad approved dealer why not order online today... Toad AI606- T2.