Ford Focus RS Cobra ADR fitting

5 May 2017  |  Admin

If you own a MK3 Focus RS you are more than likely worried about the security of your vehicle. You should be because the Ford Focus RS can be stolen in as little as 2 mins from the start to driving away! at Autodefence we always offer custom security sollutions which offer excellent security and offer a great service.

We are fully mobile and travel to you throughout the UK meaning we can visit you / install security at your home or workplace with no issues. So why does Autodefence recomend the Cobra ADR for the Ford Focus? well first of all it's not just your everyday immobiliser. The Autowatch ghost is a fantastic product but it does lack the audiable siren side of things. The Cobra however protects all zones... Doors, boot, bonnet and interior meaning if any one of these zones are opened or a window is smashed the alarm will be instantly sounding. With it's full onboard battery back up built within the siren it will keep sounding.

The alarm arms and disarms from the original Ford keyless entry / 3 button remote control. But it will only fully disarm and turn off the immobiliser once it detects the Cobra ADR card is within range. Without this card being in range after the disarmed state period has ended the alarm will trigger. No matter how many keys are cloned the vehicle won't start. Meaning your Focus RS remains secure.

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