Motorhome Thatcham Cat 5

23 March 2016  |  Admin

Many insurance companies are requesting motor home owners to get Thatcham Cat 5 trackers installed. With a massive rise in motor home vehicle theft over the last year, we get a large amount of enquires everyday on motor home security. The first question is '' What do you recommend? '' This is the most common question due to the large amount of trackers on the market.  The best in my personal opinion are the the Cobra Thatcham Cat 5 tracker and the Metatrak Thatcham Cat 5.

Below we have answered the most common questions asked on each device...

Metatrak Thatcham Cat 5


  • 1 Year subscription included FREE with every unit.
  • Cheapest subscription renewal costs £150 per year or £350 for 3 years.
  • High quality, Made in Italy.
  • Awesome Iphone app.
  • Track your car yourself.
  • Full UK support
  • Anti Jamming


  • Only been released a few months ago.
  • Not many reviews on the internet as yet.
  • Larger unit to hide than some other units on the market.

Cobratrak Thatcham Cat 5


  • Industry leading product.
  • Simply the best tracker in the world.
  • Outstanding support.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Small unit
  • V2 design unit
  • Anti Jamming


  • No web App  (OR) webpage log in.
  • Most expensive.
  • Expensive renewal subscription.

We install the Motorhome Trackers nationwide via our mobile installation service at your home or workplace in the UK.