Self Monitored Trackers

31 March 2016  |  Admin

If your looking to track a car, van, motorhome or HGV yourself with a low cost subscription look no further than the Metarak Shield. This device offers extreame features which would only be found on fully approved Cat 6 units. Not every customer needs a tracking system which is approved or monitored by a call center 365 days per year.

The best parts on this device is the fully downloadable Android and Apple app that can be used on your smartphone to track the vehicles location at any time. You can also add a remote immobilisation module which will kill the vehicles starter motor if its active.

And the best part of all is the mega low cost subscription cost of only £55 per year which works out to less than £4.60 per month. In our eyes this is a true professional system that gives complete piece of mind when leaving your vehicle. Being made in Italy the quality is outstanding.

Fitted nationwide at your home or workplace. If your looking to buy our professioanlly installed self monitored tracking device with a free 1 years subscription Metatrak Shield