Smartrack Thatcham Cat 5 Lifetime Subscription

1 June 2017  |  Admin

Having to get a Thatcham Cat 5 tracker installed for some can be a little painful due to the expensive purchase then the subscription payments every single year which costs around £199 per year. If you are planning to keep the Thatcham Cat 5 on your vehicle for say 10 years this will total £1990 just in subscription payments alone. Smartrack however have managed to make this a lot cheaper.

Smartrack are currently running a lifetime special on the Thatcham Cat 5 device. What do you need to do?

Buy the Smartrack Thatcham Cat 5

Once you have had the device supplied and fitted to your vehicle you simply wait until Smartrack call you ( Within 24 hours ). Tell the adviser you wish to go for the special offer they are currently running. You will then pay smartrack £599.99 for the Lifetime subscription.

This special offer is for a limited time only and it will be going up to £699.99 for the lifetime subscription in the future.