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Autowatch Ghost

Autowatch Ghost
Autowatch GhostAutowatch GhostAutowatch GhostAutowatch Ghost
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Autowatch Ghost Supplied and Fitted; Including Nationwide Installation UK


Ghost Non Detectable Immobilisers...

Latest unit V3 with Stop / Start Software - Compatible with the mobile Smartphone Autowatch ADR app from the Apple store.
Next generation vehicle protection
The Ghost is a unique next generation device that secures your vehicle without the need for cutting wires or adding after market alarm/immobiliser key fobs. The device is connected to the vehicles CAN Data Network and a personalised PIN Code is programmed into the Ghost using the vehicles existing buttons on the dash board and steering wheel to create a unique code pattern that must be selected before the vehicle will start...

Did you know the Autowatch Ghost is compatible with a very wide range of vehicle manufactures? Audi, BMW, Ford Land Rover, Range Rover, Porsche, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Nissan, Mercedes and VW. There are many more vehicles being added daily.

Most common vehicles currently getting secured with the Ghost are... Focus RS, Audi RS, VW R, Range Rover Sport / Evoque.

Did you know the Autowatch Ghost can't be cloned by any method? Due to the device only communicating via the vehicles buttons and Bluetooth only when the device has been made discoverable meaning it can't be seen by scan tools or found by a vehicle thieves. The Ghost really is a set forward in vehicle security.

The are many ways to disarm the system in a secure mannor.

  • Entering a combination of buttons such as indercator stalk, window buttons, heater buttons.
  • Entering the PIN override code via the accelrator pedal.
  • Using the Mobile Smartphone app to act as an ADR override.

Engine Start Blocking. The Ghost will prevent the engine starting unless the unique, user defined, code sequence has been entered first.
Undetectable using any diagnostics tools. A professional thief can use readily available diagnostic tools to detect alarm/immobiliser circuits on modern vehicles and disable them. The Ghost has no circuit cuts so it cannot be tampered with in this way.
No Radio frequency signals. Thieves cannot use sophisticated RF scanning or code grabbing technology to intercept and detect what security system is fitted as it does not transmit any signals.
CAN Data Network. The advantages of using the vehicles own CAN Data Network has several advantages, including low impact installation, very low probability of being detected and disabled, and can be fitted into the vehicle in any number of locations.
Silent Operation. Because the unit communicates with the vehicles ECU on the CAN Data circuit, it is totally silent so it does not give away its location.
Stops Key Cloning and ECU Swapping. A thief cannot now simply add a new key or replace the ECU to steal your vehicle as only the correct data inputted will allow your vehicle to start.

Tested for Each vehicle. Due to the nature of CAN Data Ghost has been adapted and tested for every vehicle that we list as compatible.
Weatherproof tiny device. The Ghost is sealed and so small it can be installed and wrapped into the vehicle harness virtually anywhere making it virtually impossible for a thief to find. Please be aware this device is NOT Thatcham approved.
Emergency Pin Code override. If the PIN Code is forgotten the car is sold, or a programming button used becomes inoperative there is a secure unique reset code for each device.
Service/Valet Mode. Allows your vehicle to temporarily start and drive without requiring your unique code.
Simple PIN Code change process. At any time you can choose a unique different PIN Code configuration.
Use the vehicles original buttons to enter the PIN Code. The buttons in modern vehicles send data all a round the vehicle which allows the Ghost to respond to your specific inputs via the CAN Data without the need to add extra wiring.

You can download the Autowatch App by going to '' App Store '' Then type Autowatch.

We specialise in UK mobile installation no matter where your vehicle is; whether it's at a car dealership, at your home or workplace. We have mobile engineers located all over the UK to suit all your requirements. All our engineers are fully insured and fully approved to fit all the products we supply.

If you are having a Thatcham product installed such as a Car alarm or Immobiliser system the engineer will complete the certificate on the day. Meaning once you have a product installed, you can phone your vehicles insurance company straight away and see if you can get a discount with your insurer.

Our engineers are Thatcham TRI approved meaning you have the very best and experienced auto electricians working on your vehicle.

Average booking times are between 1-5 working days depending on your area and the engineers schedule.

How do I know the product I am purchasing comes with installation? Simple on the add to basket tab it will have ( Supplied and fitted in the grey box ) making it simple to understand which products come with installation within the price. Most alarms, immobilisers, trackers and parking sensors come with installation, due to them being a professional fit item.

Please find our example below of a product randomly chosen which comes with fitting...

Once you purchase your product we will contact you and arrange an installation date and time.

Auto Defence are here to help! Even if you have a simple question we are here to help Mon - Fri 09.00AM to 18.00PM.

If you need urgent support please email us due to the phone lines being extreamly busy during the day we can't always answer the phone. But if you would prefer phone contact please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Office phone number 01507 477808.

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