Car Trackers

A Car Tracker is a small device which is fitted and hidden within your vehicle. This means once fitted you or a thief wouldn't know the location of the device. Most Car Trackers use the vehicles power in order to keep the trackers internal battery charged. All Thatcham approved Car Trackers come with a subscription charge. This payment is for the 24 / 7 coverage on your vehicle. Car Trackers use a combination of GSM, GPS and VHF. This means if your vehicle is stolen you will experience the quickest recovery possible.

Van Trackers

Protecting your works van is very important. With the large amount of vans being stolen due to advanced lock picking tools and key cloning software, it is now more important than ever to protect your work horse that provides your income. Thatcham Cat 6 trackers are normally the best and most effective way of recovering your van. The average yearly subscription cost is between £130- 189.

Motorhome Trackers

No matter what alarms or immobilisers you have fitted as standard, if a thief really wants your Motor home he will take it. This is were a Motor home tracker works very well. With most trackers featuring an app you can also view the location of your vehicle on demand. If your Motor home is over the value of £90.000 you may be asked to install a Thatcham Cat 5 which gives you ADR cards along with starter immobilisation. All our Motor home Trackers are monitored 24 hours a day and 365 days per year.

Motorbike Trackers

Did you know over 60 motorbikes are stolen in the UK every day? With motorbike tracking you have a better chance of recovering your bike quickly. Unless a motorbike is chained down or secured in a way it can't be picked up, you leave yourself open to possible bike theft. With a tracker being hidden on the motorbike it will give an exact GPS location of your motorbike.

Fleet Trackers

Keeping a close eye on your fleet is one of the most important parts of keeping your fleet of vehicles running cost effectively. It will also cut down on fuel and repair costs. Our fleet management systems give you a complete run down on vehicle location, speed. ignition and Geo fencing. It also gives full data on start and finish times, This alone can save you and your company a fortune.

Manufacture Approved Trackers

When looking for vehicle trackers you might be a little confused over the wide choice of products and brands. We try to make it as clear as possible to help and guide you over which product will be best to suit your needs. Our range of manufacture approved devices mean exactly that, we have created packages for each manufacture meaning you simply have the correct / suited product for your vehicle.

Thatcham Cat 5

The highest standard in stolen vehicle recovery. All Cat 5 units come with ADR cards and starter motor immobilisation as standard. Subscription on these devices vary between £199-280 per year. Thatcham Cat 5 is normally installed on vehicles over the value of £90.000.

Thatcham Cat 6

Thatcham Cat 6 is the everyday tracking device fitted to vehicles that are under the value of £90.000. The Thatcham Cat 6 has tilt and motion and tamper alerts as standard. Subscription for these devices start from £130 - 189 per year. Some devices offer a lifetime subscription meaning you won't have to pay for subscription other than a one time payment.