Car Alarms

Auto Defence is the market leader in Car Alarms. Offering not just one brand, but a complete choice of different makes and models. Why do we give the customer such a wide range of alarms? Because we are approved by all the manufactures of car alarms such as Cobra ( Vodafone Automotive ), Laserline, Clifford, Viper, Autowatch and Gemini. Being fully Thatcham approved you can rest assured you will get the best installation possible. All our security systems come with a 2-3 year warranty.


Car alarms offer fantastic protection against potential  vehicle damage by a window being broken or doors getting forced open. And also preventing a thief from stealing the vehicle. Its a known fact thefts don't want to make any noise while breaking an entry. Many vehicles in the UK still don't come with an alarm system as factory standard, even if your indicators flash when locking / unlocking your vehicle it doesn't mean your car is protected.

We offer a wide range of Car alarms and systems to suit every budget. Many insurance companies are now requesting you install a Thatcham product in order to maintain your insurance policy. In some cases they won't cover the vehicle for theft unless an approved Thatcham alarm or immobiliser is installed.

Information on Thatcham Alarms

Thatcham Cat 1 : These are simply the best security package if you have a vehicle made before 1996 or a Non Can-Bus vehicle. The system consists of a full alarm system which protects doors, boot, bonnet and the vehicles interior. The system also has a dual cut immobiliser meaning the system can immobilise two electrical components  such as the starter motor, fuel pump or ignition. All the wiring on these immobiliser systems are black meaning they make it very difficult for a car thief to try and bypass the immobiliser cuts. The siren which sounds @ 118db has a battery back up inside, this means when the siren is attacked or the wires are cut the siren will continue to sound.

Thatcham Cat 2-1 :  These systems are used on vehicles that have an immobiliser fitted at the factory, immobilisers were fitted in the UK as standard by 1996 /1997. These can be supplied with separate remote controls on some vehicles or they can work (arm / disarm) by using the vehicles original remote control for a sleek installation. These offer protection for doors, boot, bonnet and the vehicles interior, and they come with a full battery back up siren which is 118db.

Thatcham Cat 2 : This system is an Immobiliser only and offer great protection if your only worried about vehicle theft. These systems automatically arm within 20-30 seconds of turning the ignition off. The system is normally disarmed by a touch tag which allows the vehicle to start. The immobiliser ECU is normally metal or strong ABS plastic and they have all black wiring for complete protection against attack.

All our nationwide Car Alarm installations come with a full Thatcham certificate on completion. This can be scanned over to your insurance company.