Car Alarms

Car Alarms are the most common vehicle security device to have installed. Reason being thief's don't like to create any noise if they are forcing an entry to your property. With a car alarm protecting doors, bonnet, boot and interior you have all basis covered against an attack. All out alarms come with a loud siren which gives you complete piece of mind when leaving your vehicle. All our alarm range comes with an immobiliser cut also meaning the vehicle can't be hot wired in the event of a break in.


Some customers just want an immobiliser installed without any form of an alarm. The immobiliser will give you total security in terms of the vehicle electrics. An immobiliser is a digital enclosed device that will be mounted behind your vehicles dashboard. It will have lots a black wiring exiting the ECU. These are linked into your vehicles electrical circuits and it will stop the vehicle from starting. To disarm the immobiliser you normally have a coded touch key. These are Thatcham Cat 2 approved to meet insurance requirements.

Van Alarms

Vans are normally broken into for there tools. With the average tradesman carrying at least £2000 worth of tools at any time they are a parked target for thief's. We provide a range of standard and custom alarm packages for total protection of your vehicle. Most of our van alarms work with your existing remote control which will arm and disarm your new alarm system.

Motorhome Alarms

Protecting your motorhome with an alarm system is a must. If you are travelling the chance of having your motorhome broken into is very high. We offer a wide range of motorhome alarm systems that protect the vehicle and also the rear area such as the living area and the bedroom. All these alarms are Thatcham approved to meet all insurance requirements.

Keyless Entry

These kits are used when you have electronic door locking as standard but you don't have a remote control. We fit an electronic door module which allows you to lock and unlock your doors from the push of a button.