Parking Sensors

With cars costing a fortune to repair having parking sensors fitted will wrap your vehicle in protection while parking. All our parking sensors come with a 3 year warranty as standard for complete piece of mind. Reversing sensors work by installing 4 sensors along the front or rear bumper. when parking the sensors send a sound wave signal and they will look for nearby objects meaning the kit will bleep faster and faster the closer you get.

You can fit just rear sensors our you can fit front and rear to give you total protection. All our sensors use very small sensor heads and they a lot small than our competitors. Most parking sensors work in the same way by sending a sound wave and waiting for it to bounce back. This means even in bad weather you will still be able to park successfully.

All our sensors can be fully colour coded to match the original vehicles paint meaning you have a nice sleek factory appearance once the sensors are installed. The sensors themselves are fitted to the vehicles bumpers.

Rear sensors are activated via the vehicles reverse light, meaning the sensors will beep when you put the vehicle in reverse letting you know you have just activated the kit. when reversing the sensors start detecting objects up to 1.5 meters away meaning you have advanced notice of anything that might be in your reversing path.

Front sensors are normally activated by a switch or timer delay meaning the sensors are only active when you need them. The front sensors have a much shorter range that the rear sensors the avoid confusion when parking. Front sensors consist of 4 sensors the same as the rear kits.

We supply and fit parking sensors nationwide in the UK via our network of approved engineers. We can install them at your home or workplace.