Are Clifford Car Alarms Reliable?

24 May 2016  |  Admin

Are Clifford alarms reliable? Many customers ask are they the best alarm to get fitted if you want total protection. Clifford have developed an award winning alarm system over the years that really does give the best performance and features over any alarm system in the world.

What is the Clifford 650 MK2's best features? The dual zone proximity is simply the most reliable and best performance sensor I have ever seen featured on an alarm system. Unlike other proximity sensors it won't false alarm to rain or snow. You also have the ability to add many features such as Glass Break and tilt sensors.

The immobilsation  is done by very thick black wiring which can take the power of all ignition and starter systems without the need of relays. The best part is the immobiliser module all the wiring runs into is protected by strong ABS plastic. Meaning the internal cuts inside the clifford alarm can't be bypassed without special tools and specialist knowledge.

The alarm reliability does come down to how well the system is installed. Clifford is the most challenging alarm system to install. And as such some engineers don't know how to fit them correctly. Or poor fitting methods are used, meaning over a period of time the system becomes un reliable.

You can view the Clifford 650 Mk2 via our Thatcham Cat 1 page.