Cobra ADR Immobiliser Review

6 January 2023  |  Admin

Just before the Christmas period in 2022 we received the latest immobiliser from Vodafone Automotive ( Cobra ) which is being released start of 2023, this product is made very well which you would expect from Cobra, the ADR cards now have a special Green LED built in which flashes once every 2 seconds to show the tag is active / working. When testing we noticed the ADR range was far to long, so long it was a risk of the ADR tag being connected while your at home. As such we carried out some custom testing on this product and we have modded every Cobra ADR immobiliser aerial to now have a range of around 7-8 meters. This works perfect and we are happy with the security this offers.

The system automatically arms which we have tested and this works very well once the tag is taken out of range ( around 8 meters ). The nice part we like on this system is the immobiliser is completely handsfree due to it automatically arming when walking away from your vehicle and it will automatically disarm when you walk towards the vehicle. This means its perfect for a customer wanting a no hassle immobiliser system, it has the normal RED cobra LED which can be dashboard mounted or it can be hidden out of sight.

The system features an emergency override code which can be entered if the battery goes flat within the Cobra ADR card. This 4 digit code is only known by you and is different for every system fitted. The code is tapped in via the Cobra LED valet button. The only part we couldn't test was the battery life within the ADR tag however on average these normally last 12-18 months before requiring replacement ( Battery inside CR2032 )

We offer a supply and fit service in the UK, please view the Cobra ADR Immobiliser to purchase.