Can Can-Bus Immobilisers Be Hacked?

13 October 2020  |  Admin

With loads of talk on owners forums and facebook groups of Can-Bus immobilisers being hacked it makes sense to do a blog post on the subject. There is a Youtube video stating how simple it is to bypass the most common can-bus immobilisers and several other brands NOT in the UK. However the video only shows the most simple method of a paperclip in the first test, bridging pins 6 & 14 of the vehicles OBD port ( this shuts down the can-bus network ) this will NOT work on 99% of vehicles. The other 2 tests are performed by reading the can-bus blocking codes then changing them / writing relaying these back to the vehicle. With an open source of can-bus data on vehicles ( no encription ) it gives the likes of hackers the ability to read the code and re-write it in order to carry out this hack. The chances of this happening in the UK? Next to ZERO.....

The major Can-Bus brands in the UK have put additional methods in to stop these types of hacking attacks on certain vehicles. For example the Autowatch Ghost 2 can give you a mixture of Can-Bus blocking AND a physical immobiliser cut. This means you have addtional security unlike other devices which are just for can-bus blocking. There are also another device in the UK which can simply be unplugged and the can-bus blocking will be completely disabled. You will always have people on owners clubs or Facebook groups stating EVERY can-bus device can be defeated with a paper clip, this is complete rubbish. Can-Bus immobilisers are the future and they are here to stay due to more vehicles becoming electric the safest way of immobilising them is to block the can-bus signals to stop them starting.

These specialist hackers in Russia are true professionals in Can-Bus hacking and until you see how involved this is to carry out on a vehicle the chances of someone understanding each vehicle and the code to create in order to bypass it is almost 0% in the UK. All vehicles are stolen in the UK by using fast methods such as key range extending / obd key cloning, For example Autowatch are so confident in there product and the additonal security methods they have put in place they issue a MONEY BACK garantee * with every Ghost in the UK.

We can offer a fully mobile NATIONWIDE installation service of the Autowatch Ghost 2 Tassa approved in the UK.