Range Rover Velar Autowatch Ghost 2 Tassa Approved

1 September 2020  |  Admin

Range Rover Velar now protected by the Autowatch Ghost 2 Tassa approved. As you are more than likely aware the Autowatch Ghost is the number 1 choice for protecting your Range Rover due to it working from the original buttons inside the vehicles interior. Without knowing the secure disarm code the vehicle simply remains immobilised meaning even if you have the original key you still won't be able to start the vehicle meaning you have total security of your Range Rover. Many insurance companies are starting to ask for the Ghost due to the Range Rover Sport & Velar being in the top 10 stolen vehicles in the UK almost every year. The Autowatch system gives many owners and insurance companies piece of mind knowing the chance of the vehicle going missing is very low.

Autowatch also offer a money back guarantee for the Ghost if the vehicle is stolen meaning you can put your mind at rest knowing you are purchasing a decent / approved product. The latest Ghosts also come with the QR finger print code which means the Autowatch Ghost also comes with another level of security. The QR codes are placed around the vehicle in different locations meaning if the vehicle was ever stripped for parts these codes can be scanned by police forces due to the codes being linked to the ISR ( stolen car database ) and these can be linked direct to the vehicles owner even without a VIN number or reg number.

The great part about the Ghost is is can't be traced back within the vehicle from LED's or switches unlike other security products. This is due to the Ghost using the original vehicles dash lights to indicate when the code has been entered correctly or your putting the device into Service mode for example. Service mode is excellent when putting your vehicle into the dealers for work or you wish to get your vehicle remapped for example. Service mode is entered via entering your pin number then pressing Cruise Cancel 5 times.

If you would like a Autowatch Ghost 2 fitted please visit our Autowatch Ghost 2 Tassa page.