Meta BLE Review

24 November 2020  |  Admin

Meta make some of the best security products in the world. The Meta BLE is the latest immobiliser system they have released for the UK market. The BLE uses secure anti clone and anti scan ADR tags to stop your vehicle from starting. This means if anyone range extends your original key or clones a new key via the vehicles OBD port the vehicle will still remain immobilised and not allow an engine start. This unit is a great immobiliser due to how small the main module is and how it can be hidden away out of sight. The BLE uses a small LED which is mounted on the vehicles dash ( can be hidden out of sight if required ), this led is used to enter the emergancy override code if required. The system uses a 3 digit pin as standard.

This system works on a normal 12v system without a problem and it can work on many new vehcles without issue, some immobilisers can cause issues on new vehicles but the BLE has been fine on many new vehicles.  However this system is not suitable for electric engined vehicles. If you have an electric car you would need a Can-Bus immobiliser to stop the electric motor from starting.

Meta plan to release a Mobile Smartphone app for this system in the future which will give the customer the ability to use their smartphone as a tag to disarm the immobiliser. However no release date has been givien for this release as yet.  This will be a very sleek way in which the immobiliser can be disarmed. However it will be down to smartphone compatiability.

You can view the Meta BLE immobiliser here.