Audi A3 Cobra Front Parking Sensors

26 October 2018  |  Admin

The Audi A3 vehicles normally feature a set of rear parking sensors as standard. But sadly very few come with any form of front parking sensors. We can install Cobra front sensors to these which are an approved VAG group part for Audi and VW vehicles. The Cobra sensors work extremely well on these vehicles due to them being custom programed to have the Centre sensors sitting back within the grill. We install the interior P button within the cup holder area. This means you have a very slick installation which doesn't stand out within the vehicles interior.

The Cobra system can be programed for a set activation time such as 10 seconds up to 60 seconds. This must however be pre programed before the kit is sent out due to no adjustment on the vehicle once fitted. We would recommend a timer delay of 30-45 seconds this would be more than enough time for the sensors to be active while parking, if the sensors detect objects within that time they will remain on to make sure your aware of the object is close proximity.

Cobra parking sensors are the world leader due to all there products being made and designed in Italy to give you complete piece of mind. If your looking for a product which will last as long as your vehicle we would recommend the Cobra kit over any other system on the market. And remember the Cobra system is approved by the VAG group.