Audi TT Rear Parking Sensors Fitted UK

1 August 2017  |  Admin

The Audi TT MK2 is a fantastic vehicle but can come a little basic in some cases. There are still a huge amount of Audi TT's in the UK without any factory parking sensors, Auto Defence however can professionally install a colour coded ( Exact paint match to your original paint ) set of parking sensors, this can be just rear or front & Rear depending on your choice.

The Sensors we offer come with a small buzzer this can be mounted in the boot trim area or the buzzer can be mounted behind the vented panel. This gives a great original appearance when having sensors installed. The sensors themselves are neatly fitted below the original factory line in the bumper allowing a nice neat / sleek installation.

The sensors start detecting / alerting you to objects up to 1.5 meters away giving you a very advanced warning of any objects which might be within your reversing path. If you would like parking sensors fitted why not give us a call on 01507 477808.