BMW 1 Series Autowatch Ghost ADR Fitting

27 September 2018  |  Admin

This customers BMW 1 series was treated to an Autowatch Ghost ADR system. The Ghost ADR system offers excellent security by simply disarming automatically every time you enter the vehicle. The Ghost tag simply sits on the vehicles key ring and emits a secure signal which can't be cloned like the original BMW remote control. Providing this tag is in range you simply unlock the vehicle, turn the ignition on without putting your foot on the brake or clutch. You will then get a double flash from your dashboard light and you will then be able to put your foot on the clutch or brake and start the vehicle as normal.

If the battery fails within the ADR tag the system can be deactivated via the dashboard buttons as per a normal Ghost installation. The Autowatch Ghost ADR doesn't feature a mobile app for Apple, so you have to stick to the disarming via the ADR tag or by using a pin number. The Autowatch Ghost always works well on BMW vehicles and offers a large amount of button choice.

The Autowatch Ghost ADR is perfect for customers wanting effective vehicle security via immobilisation but doesn't want the hassle or disarming the product manually. If you would like to get an Autowatch Ghost ADR installed you can order online.