BMW 2016 Key Cloning

9 March 2016  |  Admin

After every topic on the internet and shows on TV, BMW are still the NO1 stolen vehicle in the UK and sadly thieves work all the time to reverse engineer there software. Key cloning is done in two methods. The most common method is where a drivers window is broken or the door lock is picked, once this has been done the thief will put there arm through the window and plug in a small black box to the vehicles OBD port. After 30 seconds a new key will be cloned into the vehicle. This new key will control door locks and start / stop the vehicle.

The other method would be used by thieves with the latest equipment which scans for keyless entry keys in a close proximity. Once they have cloned your key they can walk up to your vehicle press a button. The doors will unlock and they can drive the vehicle away. The main problem is customers thinking if they don't press a button on there remote it won't transmit a signal. But the keyless remote has to transmit a signal at all times in order for the vehicle to ( See / Sense) when the key is in range.

We can provide a few sollutions in order to protect your BMW such as the Cobra ADR 4600 series or the Auto Watch Ghost. Both products we supply and fit nationwide via our mobile installation service in the UK.