BMW Multimedia Theft

5 December 2019  |  Admin

BMW Multimedia theft has reached an all time high. The Multimedia units within these cars sell for over a £1000 on the second hand market. We have also heard of the dash trims and steering wheel being stolen in other cases.  These systems are over £2500 + VAT at the dealers to get replaced in your vehicle ( That's providing the thieves haven't damaged the wiring looms. Many insurance companies are stating they won't even insure the multimedia systems within the 3 & 4 series due to the problem getting so bad. We recommend fitting the Cobra ADR alarm with the interior microwave sensor. The ADR system works perfectly along side the original BMW remote key meaning when you lock the doors the additional Cobra ADR alarm will arm and when unlocking it will disarm providing the ADR tag is within range of the vehicle.

The Cobra ADR will remain in a pre - disarmed state meaning unless a ADR tag is within range within 30 seconds the alarm will start sounding. Another good side to this product is the additional immobiliser meaning a thief can't start / drive the vehicle. With the interior microwave being mounted under the center console there is no visable damage or changes to the vehicles interior. Even the LED can be hidden out of sight meaning you wouldn't even know an aftermarket security system has been fitted.

The Cobra ADR system is one of the only systems out there we would recommend to protect you against key cloning and key scanning attacks. The ADR tag just hangs from the vehicles keys meaning there is no input required from the user to disarm the system when getting in the vehicle and driving away making it a secure / perfect product for your vehicle. What BMW vehicles are being targeted with this type of attack? Mainly 3 & 4 series but we have also had customers with x5 and x6 vehicles also report these types of attacks when choosing a security product. The Autowatch Ghost doesn't stop these types of attacks you need an alarm and immobiliser with ADR cards for the best security.

How do I purchase your BMW Cobra ADR alarm. Visit the BMW ADR Alarm