BMW X5 Scorpion Cat 5 Fitting London

20 July 2018  |  Admin

The BMW X5 is a very popular car to be stolen by thieves. Owners are doing everything they can to keep there X5 secure, as such a Thatcham Cat 5 tracker from Scorpion offers excellent protection. The system comes with 2 very small ADR tags which are charged via the docking station. These tags last for months until needing a fresh charge. The Scorpion Cat 5 allows you to log onto your desktop or mobile and view the location of the vehicle at any time. With Scorpion you can also get the phone call from head office if the vehicle is moved without the ADR tag being inside the vehicle when the ignition is turned on.

The Scorpion Thatcham Cat 5 units are all made in the UK unlike some other manufactures. The Scorpion unit is very small and can be hidden extremely well in all types of vehicles. Meaning it will be very difficult for a thief to find the unit within the vehicle. Thatcham Cat 5 units are simply the most secure / best you can buy for your vehicle due to them having secure anti clone ADR cards and vehicle starter immobilisation. This means if the vehicle is stolen the police can give the go ahead to immobilise the vehicle and stop it from restarting.

We offer a wide range of Thatcham Cat 5 trackers from Scorpion Automotive and many other stolen vehicle recovery tracking brands.