Cheapest Cat 5 Tracker

13 March 2016  |  Admin

The industry leader in vehicle security Meta has released a very high quality tracking system. But the main news on these Thatcham Approved Cat 5 trackers is the very low price they are supplied and fitted. With many car trackers which are Thatcham Approved you have to pay for the device to be installed which is expensive. Then you have to spend well over £200 getting the subscription active and working. This starts making a Thatcham Cat 5 very expensive to get installed. Our Metatrak Thatcham Cat 5 unit is only £799.99 supplied and fitted WITH a full year subscription, this means you have no further costs for a whole year after you have the unit installed.

Once you have reached your next years subscription you only have to pay the very low price of £150 per year or £350.00 for a full 3 years. This is the cheapest Thatcham Cat 5 subscription ever released in the UK before. Should you be concerned on quality or back up? The answer is NO, Meta have the very best components and have been in  business for well over 20 years and have provided car alarms and Motorbike alarms for many years and have always proven to be ultra reliable.

Meta is standard fit to many BMW vehicles as standard so this puts an OE level of approval on the tracking products they design and engineer. We supply and fit the Metatrak Thatcham Cat 5 in the UK via our approved mobile installation network of engineers at your home or workplace.