Cobra 4138 Review

5 February 2016  |  Admin

At Auto Defence we are big fan's of Cobra security and parking products, with many car alarms coming from China there is not much quality control and if there is any it will normally be inconsistent. With Cobra on the other hand the products are all made in Italy and you can tell instantly when opening the box due to the components feeling a lot more robust over any other security product on the market. For example the remote controls are made from an ultra strong ABS plastic. Even a builder would have trouble damaging the remotes ( Yes they are really that strong ).

The Main features are the ultra secure immobiliser module with all black wiring and you simply can't bypass the immobiliser cuts at the module due to the module being Epoxy sealed. Unlike other alarms were an experienced thief can bypass the immobiliser directly at the alarms ECU. With a digital immobiliser link to the main alarms control unit the immobiliser unit can be hidden very well within the vehicle and its a lot harder to find unlike others were the alarm and immobiliser unit is all one piece.

The ultrasonics are much more suited to newer vehicles due to them matching the vehicles white head lining perfectly. They are that neat you would think they was fitted when the vehicle left the factory. The LED is a small button shaped object with a built in push button, the push button is used to override the alarm via a 4 digit pin number if you loose your original Cobra remote controls. Unlike many cheaper car alarms Cobra is the only alarm brand in the industry with automatic adjusting ultrasonic sensors meaning the alarm will never be over sensitive ( Won't false alarm ).

What are the main benefits of the Vodafone Cobra 4138 Cat 1?

  • Neat / sleek ultrasonic sensors ( White )
  • Emergency 4 digit pin override
  • Ultra strong ABS plastic remote controls
  • Ultra secure immobiliser unlike any other
  • All black wiring
  • Battery back up siren 118DB 
  • Auto adjusting ultrasonic sensors

Remember we supply and fit the Vodafone Cobra 4138 Thatcham Cat 1 in the UK via our mobile approved installation network.