Cobra 4693 Review

12 July 2016  |  Admin

Cobra have produced the standard and Thatcham car alarms for well over 20 years and with alarms not much changes. Expect Cobra always moving forward with there product technology. The new Cobra 4693 has replaced the old Cobra G193. The siren sounds slightly different but in a good way, the acoustic tone it gives off is a lot cleaner than before. The wiring harness and features have changed massively. The alarm now supports 6 wire locking meaning it can be fitted to an old classic such as a Mercedes with vacuum locking and still keep the door blade key working as per normal.

The alarm has the ability to be linked into different zones such as doors, boot and bonnet and has a zone for each unlike there older G193 which only had a single zone for the doors. If you ever had a false alarm due to a door or boot pin you wouldn't know which zone was at fault. This was a major problem in my eyes due to the fact of not knowing or being able to instantly diagnose it.

The kit components such as ultrasonic movement detectors and LED remain the same and offer exactly the same performance as the G193. The interior sensors known as ultrasonic sensors are self adjusting meaning during the arming phase ( 40 seconds ) they detect the pressure within your vehicles interior and adjust automatically. Buy the Cobra 4693