Cobra ADR Anti-Hijack

17 January 2018  |  Admin

The Cobra ADR system is very popular in the UK, due to it's advanced features and the abilty to allow the alarm and immobiliser system to work alongside the original vehicles remote ( and in most cases the keyless entry also ). The great feature of the ADR alarm system is the fact it can't be simply cloned or bypassed via common methods thieves use in order to steal vehicles.

The ADR alarm will go into a pre disarmed state when the doors are unlocked with an original vehicle remote control. Unless the Cobra ADR senses the Cobra ADR card in range the alarm will begin a countdown of 30 seconds. During this time the vehicle will not be able to start, after 15 seconds the siren will start bleeping and 15 seconds after that the Cobra 118db siren will start sounding.

The most awesome feature which we can now offer is the ability to add anti -hijack on to the alarm system.  What does this mean and how does it work?

If you are driving along as per normal and the alarm senses the door open, then the ADR card being removed from the vehicle the Cobra ADR begins it's 100 second countdown which is completely silent so a thief is not aware anti=hijack is fitted. After the 100 seconds has passed the alarm will trigger sounding the 118db battery back up siren and flash the vehicles indicators. Once the engine is stop the vehicle won't restart and the alarm will keep sounding until an ADR card is present.

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