Cobra ADR Review

26 January 2018  |  Admin

The Cobra ADR 4615ADR series with dual ADR cards Review, the Cobra adr offers excellent protection against key cloning and theft prevention. The ADR cards work by sending out an extremely secure signal once every 2 seconds. The alarm needs to see this signal in order to fully disarm the alarm and turn off the immobiliser. The idea of ADR is to stop the most common methods of key cloning and key scanning.

The Tag needs to be seen by the Cobra ADR system when disarmed via the original remote control. If this is not seen within 30 seconds of the alarm being disarmed the alarm will sound it's full 118db siren battery back up siren. In terms of quality as usual the Cobra is excellent in terms of quality components and well engineered parts.

The Cobra ADR has been fitted for well over 5 years now and is becoming more and more popular each day. The Cobra offers piece of mind knowing you have had an excellent piece of security installed which will cause no hassle. The only maintenance required is changing the CR2032 battery inside the ADR card. This small battery lasts around 2 years in each card. To swap the CR2032 battery you simply pop the case apart and swap the battery over, this needs to be done within 10 seconds otherwise the ADR card may loose it's coding.

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