Cobra Shock Sensor

20 July 2017  |  Admin

The hidden gem from Cobra ( Vodafone Automotive ) the shock sensor. Many customers don't even know it exists on the UK market, the shock sensor is a great add on and with the vast amount of thefts from cars and vans using attacks such as lock twisting and windows getting smashed. It makes complete sense to have a Cobra Shock Sensor installed with your alarm system.

Some people become under the impression a shock sensor will protect the whole vehicle this is incorrect. on a van for example if the sensor is mounted at the front it will become less sensitive the further you go towards the back of the vehicle. In such cases it may be worth while installing 2-3 shock sensors for the best security possible.

Remember a shock sensor works on ( SHOCK ) rocking the vehicle will not trigger the alarm system meaning they are very reliable in high winds. and you have no chance of false alarms. The shock sensors also have an easy adjustment wheel on the front to make adjustments as you wish.

We can add a shock sensor to any Cobra car alarm installation.