Cobra | Vodafone Smartphone App

10 May 2016  |  Admin

We are very excited at Autodefence. You might ask why? Cobra ( Vodafone ) has been lacking in the web access and smartphone market for many years and many customers expect to keep an eye on there vehicle also. With Cobra making the web tracking feature no possible with the Cobratrak 5 it was not a great success with many customers disappointed with no access.

Vodafone automotive are releasing an awesome smartphone app which is 100% worth the wait. With the system detailing a huge amount of features such as over the air starter immobilisation and geo fencing you can control how or where your car is going. Forgot your ADR driver card? Don't worry with the Vodafone Automotive smartphone app you can click a button on your phone and it will allow one time bypass of the ignition, meaning you can drive off without the card in your pocket.

A nice feature which many customers are asking for now is the driver behavior app. This gives you a score out of 100 on every drive you take meaning you can see how safe or dangerous you are driving at the click of a button. The app detects harsh braking or speeding.

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