Do Factory Car Alarms Protect Your Vehicle

6 April 2016  |  Admin

Car alarms are not effective when they are factory fitted. Many customers get confused over why a factory car alarm didn't trigger / sound when the car was being stolen. The main problem with factory security devices is they can be turned off in many cases without making a sound. This is due to methods thieves use such as defeating the factory wiring loom from under the engine bay or simply picking the drivers door lock. In many cases even by triggering the vehicles ignition while the factory alarm is armed will turn off any factory security.

The diffrence with aftermarket security is the system which is harder to bypass and you can't simply disarm the system by putting the key in the drivers door, this means the alarm will always remain active even if the thieve uses methods which disarm the factory system. Aftermarket alarms can work from your original keyless entry remote or in some cases you have additional remote controls which arm and disarm the device.

Aftermarket security is the way to go if you wish to protect your vehicle, Theives don't like any form of addiotional device they will have to try an attack in order to steal your car. Auto Defence prides our installation work and installs on the custom factor. We offer OBD port immobilisation for many of our alarm systems meaning you have a further layer of protection.

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