Do You Need A Tilt Sensor?

31 October 2018  |  Admin

Do you need a tilt sensor? Very good question... We would always recommend adding a tilt sensor onto our alarm packages if your vehicle has Alloy Wheels as standard from the factory. More cars are being targeted for there wheels even with a factory alarm installed. The thieves work out which vehicles have a tilt sensor installed from the factory and the cars that don't get targeted for there very expensive factory alloy wheels.

Adding a tilt sensor is a simple add on but makes your vehicle much more secure. For example if your car or van is picked up by a low loader / recovery truck in order to steal the vehicle , the alarm would start sounding once they tilt the vehicle. This gives anyone nearby an idea the vehicle may be getting stolen.

All the alarm systems we sell give you the ability to add one of these sensors on at the time of purchase and it is simply one of the best upgrades you can include with your alarm system. Tilt sensors are one of the most reliable sensors you can add. A common question asked is the tilt sensor and how it works, many people are under the impression it won't work if your parked up on a curb. This is not correct the tilt sensor is digital meaning every time you arm your alarm system it knows the level of the vehicle. If the level changes at any point the alarm will trigger.