Fiat Doblo Meta Alarm Fitting

14 June 2019  |  Admin

The Fiat Doblo even brand new doesn't come with any form of alarm system as standard. Thieves are well aware these vans are very easy to break into via the rear door, as such a flat blade screw is only required to open the vehicle. Having a Meta alarm installed gives you total protection to the front, side and rear of your Fiat Doblo. The vehicles interior is also protected via ultrasonic sensors which means any movement within the vehicles cabin when the alarm is armed will trigger the system. The Meta features a full battery back up siren meaning if the siren wiring is attacked or cut the alarm siren will keep sounding at 118 db. The Meta alarm systems feature a full 118db siren which means it meets and Thatcham requirements. The system is a full Thatcham Cat 1 once fitted to your Fiat Doblo, this may give you an insurance discount depending on your vehicle insurer.

The Meta system is also the manufaturer approved alarm system for the Fiat Doblo meaning if the vehicle is new / within it's warranty period Fiat can't blame the Meta alarm for any warranty issue due to it being there approved product this gives you the customer complete piece of mind if your still waiting your warranty. The Meta system works alongside the factory remote control meaning there is no hassle with extra remotes, tags or key fobs when locking the doors the alarm will simply arm and when unlocking it will disarm. This means the Meta doesn't need any forms of extra remotes to disarm it giving you total hassle free performance.

You could also add a GSM text alert siren and GPS tracking system to the Meta meaning you can be alerted if your alarm starts sounding ( ideal for tradesman worried about there vans ) You can also view the location of the vehicle via GPS tracking meaning if you have members of staff you could also keep an eye on them when they are using the van. The Meta is the only alarm system we would recommend for Fiat vehicles due to it being Thatcham approved and the original approved product for the vehicle. why not find out more on the Meta Super Alarm