Ford Connect Cobra Thatcham Alarm Fitting

16 February 2018  |  Admin

The Ford Connect vans from 2003-2012 very rarely had any form of decent alarm system. With most of the security features being deactivated by the drivers door lock there was a major flaw in the security on this vehicle. Auto Defence installed a Cobra Thatcham approved alarm system which only arms and disarms via the original Ford remote control. Meaning the owner of this vehicle has no additional remotes he has to mess around with. Simply pressing the lock button arms the alarm system and unlocking the vehicle will disarm the alarm system.

On this install the alarm could NOT be turned off via the drivers door lock giving a very secure installation. This alarm protects all doors front, side and rear along with the vehicles interior. The siren is a loud 118db battery back up unit. Which means if the vehicles power is attacked or the wiring is cut to the siren the alarm will just keep sounding.

Do you require a Cobra Alarm upgrade on your van to secure it? don't wait until it's to late. You can place a booking online by looking at our Van Security page.