Ford Fiesta ST Door Lock Attack Method

6 September 2017  |  Admin

Ford Fiesta ST's are a huge target in the main city areas in the UK. We have seen many attacks carried out in order to gain entry into these vehicles. Sadly this method causes a huge amount of damage to the original Ford lock cylinder. This is turn allows the thief to open the drivers door in order to program a key into the vehicles ECU which is done via the Diagnostic port on the drivers side behind the storage pocket.

Once they have started programming it takes around 40 seconds in order for them to start the vehicle and simply drive away. This problem is happening all over the UK and the problem is out of control. Common methods of entry are lock picking ( no sign anyone has entered the vehicle ), shearing the cylinder from the lock housing, spiking the locking rod from the side of the drivers door.

Now you might be thinking, what can you do to your Ford Fiesta Zetec or ST in order to keep it as safe as possible. We would recommend the Cobra ADR which offers a secure tag that sits on the vehicles key ring. The main benefit of the Cobra system is the alarm and additional immobiliser. It features a 118db siren which has a full on board battery back up siren. It also protects doors, boot, bonnet. Even if a thief gains entry the alarm will keep sounding and the vehicle won't start ( even if a key is cloned. )

You can view the Ford Fiesta Cobra ADR package here.