Ford Fiesta Stolen Without Keys

18 August 2016  |  Admin

Many more Ford Fiesta's are getting stolen, normally ranging with the age of 2005-2016. The worrying thing is customers think there vehicle is safe due to it having an immobiliser as standard. The Ford Fiesta can be stolen with no keys at all. These vehicles are normally attacked in one of two ways, the drivers door lock is picked allowing the thief to open the door and gain access to the vehicles OBD port. Once they get to the OBD connector they will simply program a new key and drive away. This takes around 30-60 seconds from start to driving away.

The other method used is smashing the front drivers window, but in a manor it doesn't smash the whole window. This in turn doesn't trigger the full alarm on the Fiesta ST's. Once they have gained access to the OBD they will program a new key within seconds.

You might be worried at this stage and will be thinking how do I stop my Fiesta from being stolen within seconds? Simple the answer is Cobra ADR