Ford Fiestas are at risk as keyless car theft soars

28 March 2018  |  Admin

As reported by the daily mail the Ford Fiesta ST models have seen a massive increase in thefts due to the key relay attack. With over 90 stolen in just one part of the uk in the last 90 days alone you should think about security if you haven't already protected your Ford Fiesta ST. Auto Defence provide excellent security options for your ST. The most common system being the Cobra ADR system with it's ACE rolling code ADR tags meaning the tag can't be grabbed or cloned like the original Ford remote control.

The Cobra ADR system arms via the original Ford remote control arming the alarm system and the immobiliser. But when it comes to unlocking the vehicle with the original Ford 3 button remote or the keyless buttons on the doors. The Cobra ADR alarm MUST see the card in range of the vehicle in order to allow the Cobra system to disarm the alarm and deactivate the immobiliser.

Thieves are buying devices off the internet which allow the original Ford key range to be extended. The owner of the vehicle will lock the vehicle as per usual and put the key on a table in doors. The keyless key is transmitting a signal at all times, the thief will approach your house and hold up a key amplifier to the front door or window. Another thief will stand by your vehicle and that amplified signal is sent to the receiver next to the vehicle. Your vehicle doesn't know the signal is being amplified and unlocks the vehicle as per usual and allows engine start, thief simply drives the vehicle away ( Once the vehicle is started the Ford key signal doesn't need to be present until the next engine start. ).