Ford Focus MK3 RS Autowatch Ghost ADR

6 June 2018  |  Admin

The Ford Focus MK3 RS owners wanting the Ghost ADR is becoming very popular. The ADR version of the Ghost allows the owner to simply get in the vehicle and drive away without having to worry about entering pin numbers via the original vehicles controls. The device uses low energy Bluetooth secure ADR tags which can't be cloned unlike the original Ford remote. If in the event of the battery going flat within the ADR card the system can always be disarmed like the original Ghost system ( Via the original vehicle touch buttons ).

The Ghost offers excellent protection against key cloning via the vehicles OBD port or Key scanning. Which is becoming more popular with thieves walking up to the front door and extending the 433Mhz radio range. The vehicle then thinks the key in is within close proximity of the vehicle meaning it will unlock and allow engine starting. Key scanning is the next new method thieves are using rather than smashing a window or picking the drivers door lock to gain access to the vehicles OBD Port.

We provide the Autowatch Ghost ADR or the standard Ghost which can be installed anywhere within mainland UK. Why not book your Ford Focus RS Mk3 in today.