Ford Focus RS 2016 Alarm

6 May 2016  |  Admin

New Ford Focus 2016 Alarm Upgrade? No problem once again Auto Defence is one of the first in the UK to provide an ultra secure alarm sollution. Our custom alarm package confirms to the latest software spec for the brand new Ford Focus facelift. The alarm works seemlessly from the original Ford remote control or keyless entry buttons on the door. The custom Cobra alarm has a small card which is located on your vehicles key ring. This means when returning back to your vehicle the alarm and immobiliser system will have to see the card in order to turn off the alarm and immobiliser system.

The alarm goes into a pre-armed state when returning to your vehicle and will remain fully immobilised until a card is present. For the ultimate security why not add our custom OBD port security package add on. Which means the OBD port will work fine for re-mapping and diagnostic work, but when the alarm is active the OBD port will stop working, meaning a new remote key can't be cloned.

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As always Auto Defence is one step ahead over any other security supplier in the UK. You can contact us via email or phone Phone 01507 477808