Ford Focus ST Cobra ADR New LED Fitting Location

14 September 2017  |  Admin

The Cobra ADR alarm is very popular in the Focus ST and RS owners forums due to how it works so well on either vehicle. The system works by having a small user card on the vehicles key ring ( Known as an ADR card. ) when unlocking your vehicle with the original remote the Cobra ADR system is looking for this card to be in range. When fitted this alarm system offers excellent protection offering starter immobilisaton ( vehicle can't be started without card in range ) and protection for your doors, boot and bonnet. The system can also offer extra features such as OBD port immobilisation and a microwave sensor giving internal protection if someone smashes a window and leans into the interior.

The LED mounting in the ST and RS vehicles is slightly limited due to the main 3 areas being the gear souround and the speedo cluster housing. We decided the upper gauges is the best area for this LED where it sits up high it can be easily seen through the window glass and gives the customer / user ease of use if the pin number needs to be entered ( If the battery in the ADR card goes flat.

You can purchase the Focus ST and RS Cobra ADR alarm here....

If you are having this system installed please tell the engineer where you would like the LED fitted, this is due to it being the owners prefrence.