Ford KA Cobra Alarm Upgrade

2 June 2017  |  Admin

Owning a Ford KA can be a problem in some major city areas, They are very common to get stolen and striped for parts due to the black market paying good money for spares. The problem and reason why these small cars are targeted is due to the major lack of security. They normally feature remote locking via a key and a Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser. There are 2 methods a thief will use to gain access into your Ford KA.

The will pick the drivers door lock or they will make a small hole down from the door handle. This allows them to put a small rod into the door and throw the release on the door motor. Once they have gained entry they can simply code a new key in via the OBD port. Once they are programmed they can start the vehicle and drive away. This process normally takes around 30-45 seconds in total.

We would suggest upgrading your Ford KA with the Thatcham approved Cobra Can-Bus alarm, this will arm and disarm from the original remote. and protect all major zones such as interior, doors, boot and bonnet for the best security it also features a battery back up siren which sounds at 118 db once triggered.