Ford Transit MK7 2006-2015 Alarm Upgrade

8 February 2017  |  Admin

If you own a Ford Transit MK7 between the year of 2006 - 2015 you will more than likely be aware the vehicle has major security issues. At Autodefence we have the perfect alarm upgrade for this vehicle. The Cobra 4600 series offers excellent protection and don't disarm by picking the drivers door lock. This makes the vehicle ultra secure.

The alarm will arm and disarm from the original 3 button blue key fob. Just simple lock the vehicle with the original remote and the alarm system will be armed. and when you unlock the vehicle the alarm will simply disarm.

The Cobra 4600 series gives protection for your doors front, side and rear alongwith the vehicles bonnet and interior. The siren has a full inbuilt battery back up allowing the siren to keep sounding even if the wiring is cut. The siren sounds @ 118db for 30 seconds once the alarm is triggered.

The system is fully Thatcham approved and a certificate with be given on completion. Once installed you will have a full Thatcham Cat 1 alarm fitted to your Ford Transit.

Click here ( Ford Transit MK7 Alarm Upgrade )