Hardwired Or Wireless Motorhome Alarms

1 March 2016  |  Admin

When shopping for a motor home alarm system you might be looking for one of two things. Just protecting the front of the vehicle ( The van ) bonnet, drivers and passenger doors and the front cabin. or you may wish to secure everything such as the front doors, bonnet, interior and the habitation along with lockers and a PIR sensor to cover the interior.

If you choose the later option protecting the whole vehicle you then need to think about which would suit your needs best such as a wireless set up which is the most common or a hardwire set up. Hardwired is where the engineer will run cables inside or outside your vehicle to protect the rear living area. No alarm on the UK market place comes with hardwired contact switches as standard. This means an engineer will get hold of universal alarm contacts normally used by home house alarm engineers. There is one major issue with hardwired contacts and it is normally due to alarm engineers running the alarm cable under the vehicle. This is a bad idea due to a thieve can get under the vehicle and find the white cable and simply cut the cable to defeat the alarm system. The best hardwired installations are done by running the cable within the motor homes living interior, some worry about the mess or cables which may be seen. But if this job is done correctly you will see almost no cable on show at all.

The most common which we recommend and fit in the UK nationwide is the wireless motor home alarm contacts and PIR sensors. This means the front is protected as normal but the alarm contacts for the habitation door and lockers and PIR movement sensors are wireless. This means the sensors have no wire at all, all you have is a small item which will trigger the alarm in the event of a movement or door open. Wireless alarms used to be subject to jamming but on the new Laserline motor home alarm kit it features anti jamming of wireless sensors. The sensor batteries normally last around 18 -24 months and they are quick and easy to change.

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