How To Prevent Key Cloning

20 February 2016  |  Admin

Worried about your vehicle getting stolen? You should be with the massive wave of vehicle thefts in the UK by the method of key cloning its becoming a quick and easy buck for car thief. Many customers think this issue is only down to vehicles with keyless entry systems, this is not correct all vehicles are a target no matter if they have an ignition blade key or a wireless smart key. How are they doing this you may ask? The internet and control over these tools is to blame. With OBD programming devices which can clone a new key into your vehicle in less than 30 seconds for around $30.00 its very easy for a person to order the tool online and start stealing cars and vans.

With advanced lock smith picking tools they can enter your vehicle by simply picking the drivers door lock and this method takes between 10-30 seconds in most cases meaning a thief could be driving away in your pride and joy in the matter of seconds. Car thief's don't need the knowledge in terms of bypassing alarm and immobiliser systems like they once did years ago.

This is why we recommend you have our custom ADR alarm and immobiliser system installed. This gives you complete protection against break in's and attempted key cloning. This is due to the system needing to see a high security encrypted card on your vehicles keys before it will allow the vehicle to fully disarm and start. Without the card you simply won't be able to start the vehicle, meaning no matter what types of key cloning or key programming methods are used the vehicle still won't crank over.

You might ask if they can clone the original vehicle key why can't they clone the Cobra ADR card, the answer is simple it works on a different frequency unlike the common car remotes which work on the basic 433mhz signal. The signal from the ADR card is a digital handshake with the vehicle, no one as yet has managed to clone the card.

We recommend our ADR series alarm system with additional OBD port immobilisation for the following vehicles....

Ford Fiesta

Ford Focus

Range Rover