Is A Glass Break Sensor A Good Add On

14 September 2017  |  Admin

With most thieves picking door locks or smashing out small windows in order to gain access to the vehicles OBD port. It is wise to think about the extra add on's you can have installed when getting your car alarm fitted. For example the Cobra ADR packages we offer don't come with any type of sensor as standard to trigger in the event of a small glass breakage. The Cobra glass break listens for the sound of breaking glass. Once the sensor senses broken glass it will send an instant trigger to the Cobra alarm unit.

Is a glass break sensor reliable? Yes very! The glass break is only listening for one thing ( Broken Glass ) meaning it doesn't get effected by loud exhausts, loud motorbikes or HGV vehicles when armed. Unlike shock sensors if they are set to high they can become unreliable. The glass break is the perfect add on for the customer looking to make there security just that little bit more advanced over a standard package.

How do you add a glass break sensor on to your order?