Is RF The Most Reliable Vehicle Tracker?

17 April 2016  |  Admin

Trackers have used RF for over 20 years, but is it still the best way to recover your vehicle? The answer is NO. Due to less police cars still using the RF onboard tracking reciever. This means it will rely on the police force in your area and the time it will take to recover the vehicle. Years ago there was only RF trackers which means many more police cars had the RF equipment fitted.

With GPS massively over taken the older RF tech there is many more trackers on the market which don't rely on police eqipment in order to recover the vehicle. The newer GPS/GSM units use a secure control centre to track the vehicle at all times 365 days a year and 24 hours per day. They communitcate back and forth to the police force in the event of a vehicle getting stolen. Meaning they require no special onboard equipment. This means they speak to the tracking centre and get constant updates on the stolen vehicles location.

Some customers think GPS trackers are simply not upto the job. This is incorrect almost 95% of premium tracking brands use GPS and GSM technolgy. You can view our range of Vehicle Tracking Devices.