Just Deadlocks or Alarm as well?

25 July 2018  |  Admin

Some customers are surprised there vehicles are attacked when they have just upgraded the vehicle with Dead locks or Slam locks. Sadly just because a lock upgrade has been carried out on the vehicle it doesn't mean thieves won't try and attack the van to gain entry. Depending on the quality and type of product used the thieves simply don't gain entry and just cause a large amount of damage. Other times they will have success and manage to gain entry. This is were layers of security come into play to give you the best and most suitable protection, for example thieves don't like making a noise or alerting people to them breaking into a vehicle. As such they will do anything not to be detected, if an alarm is installed it makes gaining entry a lot more difficult due to the alarm monitoring all doors and entry points to the vehicle meaning if for example the door is opened when the alarm is alarmed the alarm will sound at 118db meaning they would start to panic / want to get out of there as quickly as possible.

A van alarm is the main layer of protection you need on a work vehicle due to thieves not caring in any way how much damage they cause to your vehicle trying to get in. If you want the best security possible we would advise going for an alarm system with a linked tracking device. When the alarm triggers it will send an alert to the tracking company. In turn they will contact yourself to let you know your alarm is sounding. A good device which I would recommend linking to a Cobra, Laserline or Gemini alarm is the Smartrack Trident Thatcham Cat 6.

Having a van with an alarm, linked stolen vehicle recovery tracker, with a professional set of Thatcham deadlocks you can rest assured you will have the most secure van around and if anyone decides on touching the vehicle or gain entry you will be notified via phone call for complete piece of mind. You can view our range of Van Security.