Land Rover Defender Meta VTS Installation

9 May 2017  |  Admin

Auto Defence has been mega busy this week, today we have installed the new Thatcham requirement VTS set out by Thatcham earlier this year, this unit is set to replace Thatcham Cat 5. The unit is very similar in terms of how it works to a Thatcham Cat 5 except 2 main things.... It's much cheaper than a Thatcham Cat 5 unit and the other is the VTS unit don't feature any form of immobiliser cut.

VTS is very secure with it's advanced driver ID tags, you simply carry one with you every time you drive the vehice, even if the vehicles keys are stolen the tracker will know instantly to alert the Meta tracking head office. Then they will work alongside the traffic police to recover your asset as fast as possible. And with Meta leading the way in terms of tracking technology you have the mobile smartphone app ( Apple and Android ) where you can log in and see your vehicles location and previous journeys the vehicle has been on. It also gives you miles traveled and your average speed. The VTS also has a web log in which means you can simply log onto your desktop computer and view all your information there also.

The Meta VTS meets the new S5 Thatcham VTS requirement being released in 2018 meaning you are future proofing yourself getting the latest device installed. If you would like to buy the Meta VTS click below.