Land Rover Discovery Autowatch Ghost 2 Fitting

6 March 2019  |  Admin

The Landrover Discovery is one of the top 10 stolen vehicles in the UK. It makes sense to secure your vehicle before a theft or attempted theft is carried out. The Autowatch Ghost 2 works perfectly on this vehicle to immobilise the vehicle from starting unless a secure code is entered via the cruise control buttons on the vehicles steering wheel. Once the correct button sequence has been entered the vehicles speedo cluster will flash the indicators in order to let you know the vehicle can now be started. Without this code being entered the vehicles ignition will turn on but the engine simply won't  start / crank over.

The Discovery uses the same electronics BCM as other models meaning it can be stolen in seconds. Normal methods for stealing these vehicles are the key scanning method where a thief walks up to the front door of your home and extends the range of the original key. Or the other method is by picking the drivers door lock or smashing a window to gain access to the vehicles OBD port. Once a thief gets to the OBD it takes around 20-35 seconds to program a new key into the vehicles BCM. This  new key will  allow engine starting and allow the new key to lock and unlock the doors.

Due to how ineffective the factory security is it is wise to get a Ghost or Starline immobiliser installed before its to late and your vehicle is stolen. If you want to find out more on the Autowatch Ghost being installed onto a discovery why not contact us via email today.