Laserline 921K Review

21 March 2016  |  Admin

The Laserline 921 K is an ultra reliable Thatcham approved Cat 2 immobiliser. The great feature this system offers is the emergency pin code override which can be entered via the vehicles ignition. Unlike other brands such as the Cobra which has no pin override, this can cause massive problems if you loose your vehicles keys. The immobiliser ECU module is very solid and the unit is fully epoxy sealed meaning  a thief can't simple jump in your vehicle find the module and bypass it by getting to the ECU. The Laserline 921K is so secure the only way of bypassing this system is to fully strip the dash and re wire everything.

The system auto arms when you leave the vehicle after 30 seconds and the LED will flash once every second. When returning to your vehicle you simply open the door, push the touch key on to the LED and start the vehicle as normal. With all Thatcham Cat 2 immobilisers you have the fail safe immobiliser relays meaning you have no chance of the vehicle electronics failing while in motion.

We supply and fit the Laserline 921K via our fully mobile installation network nationwide in the UK.