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22 April 2016  |  Admin

With tracking systems remaining the same for years it has been far to long until a new kid on the block has blown customers away with features and reliability. Tracking system has been very simple and has only been activated once the vehicle is stolen. This was a downside to the customer due to them not being able to see / find there pride and joy in a car park for example. With the new Metatrak systems they have really taken a leap to the next level with there detailed smartphone and webaccess app.

This is completely free of charge to the customer providing they have an active subscription. Meaning you the customer can check your vehicles location at anytime. And with complete journey history you can see the routes you have taken and view all previous routes for the past few weeks.

If you want to drive your car hard / fast the tracker also offers a live tracking turn off mode meaning your location or speed won't be recorded. This will only be turned back on via the smartphone app or if the vehicle is stolen the tracking center can override this feature.

Last of all the pricing is outstanding and it is a real shake up to the stolen vehicle recovery tracking world. With subscription charges starting at around £55 per year the value for money is outstanding. Thatcham Cat 5 subscriptions are normally £200 per year but with Metatrak they are only £150.

Meta Trak Range

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